That’s Marla! This is a phrase that I have come to know very well throughout my life. Whether I am presenting my food, planning a party down to the last detail or creating a floral arrangement for my home, the comment is always “that’s marla”. I seem to go the extra mile in everything I do which is what the phrase is meant to mean. So now the phrase has followed me here, my very first blog. My name is Marla ( if you haven’t figured that out yet đŸ˜‰ ) and I love to cook for my family and friends. I am constantly posting pictures of the meals I create at home online, which started my friends begging me to start a blog with what I cook-so here it is! Many of my friends find recipes online but believe its not as easy as it looks..just like those Pinterest weddings we have all pinned. Well I hope to prove them wrong!  I want this blog to inspire you to cook. Cooking to me is where I escape and go into my own world, just add some music  (Michael Bubble is the usual on my food playlist) and I start creating meals  for my family and now for you.

About Me.

I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama but now live in Advance, North Carolina. I live with my husband, Luke and my two handsome little boys Brody and Jaxton (both under two). YES, I have my hands full. Props to all you moms out there- it is hard work! Luke and I were actually childhood friends who met up again later in life and the rest was history! Our family lives on a tree farm where we enjoy walking our land, fishing in our pond, and gardening.

Food has always been something that I have had a passion for-well that and flowers, but thats for another time. I graduated with a minor in nutrition, but learned my love for the kitchen from my grandmothers and my parents. These days I like to experiment solo, attempt recipes I watch on TV/find on Pinterest, but my favorite ones to cook are the family recipes.  Coffee is my first love, I am definitely one that prefers salty over sweet, love reading books about food, the health benefits of each ( I even have my own food binder with all nutritional information.. I research everything) yes I’m a health dork I guess you could say – BUT I also love to eat cake and give in to foods guilty pleasures as well. The one thing I always have in my fridge is lemons. I have a love for flowers about as strong as my love for food. I do not have a english major so I am more likely to have errors and run-on sentences throughout this blog- who knows my sons may even type some random letters in… but lets hope not! Being a mom has definitely influenced my cooking. I want to cook for my family just like mine did everyday. My family would have sit down dinners every night and talk about our days highs and lows. I want that for my family. So not only is this blog here to encourage you that you can cook these recipes at home, its here to encourage me with our family dinners every night too. We are in this together!

You can find me on: 

Instagram at username: marlamlawson

Twitter: marlamlawson 

Facebook Page: That’s Marla 

Contact me at: miller.marlac@gmail.com

Hashtag #thatsmarla if you create anything from my blog. I would love to see what you make!




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