Flannel Fun Birthday

My second son; Jaxton, had his first Birthday party in November. Since then, several people have asked me to post photos of the party. Here are some to inspire a birthday party or to just enjoy some super cute photos of my little one.

I can’t believe he is ONE!

Parents say it all the time but realllllly time flies by fast! Especially with Jaxton having an older brother that is over 2. They keep me so busy and right now and we are in a climbing phase so I literally have no time to write or post because they are always into something! As I am writing this both are trying to climb into my lap and add some letters to this post. I have to do everything fast these days. Drink (coffee even when super hot). Eat. Sleep.Write. Talk. Run. Lets just say me and my Nike shoes are best friends. I feel like Nikes are an all time go-to for moms of two boys.

It is so neat to see them both develop a friendship and start playing together. Jaxton started walking at 9 months thanks to having big brother to keep up with. They are each others shadows for sure. Brody (my oldest) really looks out for Jaxton and it is so sweet to see. Everyone says Jaxton resembles me but I can say he may look like me but he definitely has his fathers personality. He chooses to not recognize fear and is so strong. I know he will be a athlete and do amazing things with his kind heart. He always looks out for me and checks on me- even when they are playing in their room and I am in mine folding clothes near by, I always catch him peeking in the room just to make sure I am ok. It is so neat to watch their personalities develop and how similar and different they are since they are only 15 months apart!!!!!  Jaxton, you may have been a surprise just like your brother, but we are so thankful for you and enjoy you so much.

Now back to the party. I wanted to do a fun theme for Jaxton and a hayride for the kids to enjoy on the property. It was the biggest hit!!! Well that and the bubble machine :)! I will try and tag all the local/ small businesses I used for the party! I am all about supporting when I can.


Invites from Zoey Blue Designs on Etsy

Floral arrangements with cotton, pinecones and mason jars with plaid ribbon. Wood plates and birch wood paper straws are detailed touches for the flannel fun.

Chili bar for adults, homemade mac and cheese, cornbread and cranberry punch

 Jax letter cantaloupe made with letter cutters.

Hot apple cider, Honest kids juice and fruit and applesauce- sodas and of course you have to have personalized M&Ms with Jaxton’s name, number 1, and deers on them!

Maxi B’s in Greensboro, NC made the best Smore cupcakes ever! They are our favorite go to when we can get them! (They also provide gluten free too!) Favors for the kids that attended- deer headband, coloring book and branch and twig colored pencils.

Corn hole, play ground, bubbles, and hayride for the flannel fun

Birthday boy enjoying his Smore cupcake 🙂 Birthday hat and plate from Mudpie

Thank you for the ones who requested this, it brought back some sweet memories I tried to savor for about a minute- and then had to go attend to the boys!

One thought on “Flannel Fun Birthday

  1. The pictures were lovely and your boys looks great and beautiful. You are lovely too. Happy birthday to him in arrears and may he continue to grow up stronger and with more wisdom. Thank you for sharing with us. Compliments of the season…


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