Eat Local

The Porch Kitchen & Cantina

My second review for a local Restaurant in Winston-Salem, NC. The Porch Kitchen & Cantina served amazing food and drinks when I went out to eat with my friend, Ashley,  last weekend. I couldn’t get over the salad I order ( I know that is saying something about a salad ) and Ashley ordered the burrito bowl that was equally delicious. You have to call and get reservations in advance especially if you are going on the weekend- this place stays booked! If you do not have one, I recommend going right around 5pm since wait time shouldn’t be super bad- they ask for your cell phone number and text you when your table is ready.

The jalapeño mint margarita is the way to go if you like spicy. It makes you want to keep drinking due to the heat and before you knew it- you are having to order another one.

*I do want to make a note that you have to order chips and salsa if you want to snack on them before your meal. These are offered for a price according to what you order which is on the menu.

For an appetizer we ordered the avocado fries. You would be surprised how crunchy they actually were on the outside ( thinking panko bread crumbs were involved if I had to guess)  served along side their cilantro ranch dressing. We couldn’t stop eating them! Crunchy on the outside with the creamy avocado on the inside…I was sold! I mean avocados are good for you right?! That was our reasoning anyways. I highly recommend these if they are offered.


The menu has so many options and so much to choose from. I have been to The Porch before with my cousin who is vegan and she was able to place a order which they made hers specifically due to her restrictions! Talk about a fantastic restaurant! The Atmosphere is definitely for a casual date night, night out with friends or even a perfect place for  dinner with the family. They are extremely kid friendly!  Here is a sneak peek at their menu. You can find all the menu options on their website. Click here to view: The Porch Kitchen & Cantina.


I ordered the Petaluma Salad with the vinaigrette- the vinaigrette was soooo good. The salad has romaine, chopped veggies, with grilled tomato and avocado, corn pico de gallo, and feta cheese. You can add a meat if preferred. I couldn’t stop eating the salad.


Ashley ordered the Porch Naked Burrito Bowl which has rice, beans, veggies, quest, verde sauce, sour cream, guacamole and chips. Again, you can add meat if preferred. We forgot to take a picture of this meal… so I guess I will have to go back to get a photo…( perfect excuse right? )

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