Master’s Golf Themed Baby Shower

I recently hosted a baby shower at our home for one of our closest friends. Thomas and Ashley have become very close friends of ours and now live near our home, so they are constantly coming over to try a new recipe for dinner or just come hang out. Ashley is due at the beginning of November with a baby boy. Her husband, Thomas loves to golf so this theme fit them perfectly. I wanted to share this shower with you, in case you need some inspiration for a shower in the future. I loved doing this theme and so did the guys that attended!  Invitation was made by TownleyDesigns .


This was a couples shower, so I challenged myself to try and come up with a game and some activities for the guys of the shower to participate in since most are not always super stoked on going to a baby shower (seriously) . We ended up doing the ” my water broke game” that consists of frozen little babies in ice cubes that everyone drops in a drink and when the baby starts to float in your drink you yell “MY WATER BROKE” in order to win. Our winner won Arnold Palmer Tea hint the theme.

We ordered floating golf balls which the guys hit outside into our pond or played corn hole while the girls mingled inside chatting about babies 🙂 We had a theme with our food labels and drinks to make it match the invitation. We used long white wooden golf tees as the picks for all the food!

The menu offered : Master’s Pimento Cheese Grilled Cheese, Guacamole Chip Shots, Caesar Salad Shooters, Bogie Sausage Balls, Watermelon Slice, Par-faits, Club Crackers with Pepper Jelly, Golf Ball Caprese Pasta Salad, and Birdie Meatballs.

The Bar offered :Spiked Arnold Palmers, Make your own Arnold Palmer, Watering hole, and Caddy Punch ( with a caddy rubber ducky floating in it ! )


The favors were made by Cherry Tree Lane Cookies, who made the adorable golf ball cookies with the couples last name on them. Everyone was raving about them!


The cake from Ketchie Creek Bakery and Cafe was a huge hit as well. I met with them to explain my vision and boy did they make it a reality! I just loved the baby boy on the golf ball!

Bo-Ty Florist in Winston-Salem made Ashley’s corsage and Thomas’s boutonniere to fit in with the theme, I just loved the hidden golf tees in it!

As the guests entered our home they filled out an envelope with their address to make thank you cards easier on the parents to be! They have enough going on as it is!


Thomas and Ashley are one of the kindest couples and I am so honored to call them some of our closest friends. They are that couple you can always count on to be there. My husband was first friends with Thomas in high school and college, and I met Ashley at their wedding and on occasion at church. Once they moved closer we started to hang out more and more. The more our friendship grew the more I knew they were going to be some of “our people”. Our people our kids will grow up with and love just as much as we do. Our people that will be invited to many dinners, weekend get-aways ( hopefully one day…right ash!?), friendsgivings, birthdays and anything in life we can do together. They deserved this special shower to honor them and the baby on the way. I can’t wait to meet baby boy and tell him how lucky he is with the parents he has! Ya’ll will be amazing!

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