Time to eat

Saucy Cranberry Chicken


It’s officially F A L L y’all!

Once fall hits and the pumpkin spice lattes start flowing along with the never ending pumpkin recipe recommendations on Pinterest, I start to crave Thanksgiving and all the flavors that come with it. This chicken is perfect for the person who is craving fall flavors but not really wanting to breakout the turkey feast just yet (seriously though- I can’t wait for friends-giving)! I know I’m wishing ahead of the calendar but I can’t help it! When fall comes I instantly start gathering all of my favorite recipes-soups, casseroles, desserts, side dishes, appetizers… the list goes on and on. So naturally I bought a huge basket full of pumpkin and cranberry…not really knowing what I was going to create. That night I had chicken ( bone-in chicken breasts) in the fridge that needed to be cooked and also found some sweet potatoes I purchased to cook for the boys (one of their favorite foods with a dash a cinnamon on it). The idea of sweet potato and cranberry started to get me all excited because those are two of my favorite fall ingredients- which now together have created one of the best fall craving meals.

Ingredients: This should feed around 4-6 people, if cooking for 2 split portions in half

2 pounds of sweet potatoes, sliced (around 2 huge sweet potatoes)

4 bone-in chicken breasts ( or no bone if preferred, I think the bone-in makes it stay moist)

2 cans of cranberry sauce

1/2 cup of EVOO

1 teaspoon of ground ginger

salt and pepper

***If you want to really mix things up I made the sauce two different ways, one way being this recipe and the other I only used 1 can of cranberry sauce and then 1/2 cup of BBQ sauce. Both ways were delicious !

I made this recipe intentionally for two people but ended up having friends over last minute which it did feed us four ( zero leftovers may I add 🙂 )  If I planned ahead I would follow the recipe with the portions listed above, but you will see in my pictures I had planned on only two portions.


Slice the sweet potatoes thinly and placed it at the bottom of a pyrex dish. Add the chicken and placed it on top of the sweet potato slices. Salt and pepper chicken.


Mix the remaining ingredients together in bowl and drizzle sauce over the chicken and potatoes.

Bake in the oven on 375 for 1 hour.


Allow to cool for 5 minutes. Slice chicken carefully and make sure to remove bones. I served this dish along with my Brown Sugar Bacon Thanksgiving Brussel Sprouts which made the perfect pairing !


For dessert we had my pumpkin lava pecan cobbler I was baking for a charity event the next day. I served one of the many cobblers to get reviews on ( I take advantage of having guests in my home 😉 ) they approved and it was a huge hit at the event! I will be sharing the recipe soon!

I hope this meal will be satisfying some of your fall food cravings, I know I will be making it again very soon !!

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