the mom under the hat



As I was doing a fast target run the other day (first one may I add without the boys) I was actually able to look around and notice the other moms in target for once. I started to realize not only do we have children in common but more than half of the ones I saw including myself were all wearing… a hat. It brought a small grin to my face seeing that we all are in an unspoken mom hat club together. I usually have about 3 hats for myself in my car that I have accumulated over the time of my mom errand running  mornings. I’m pretty sure all the moms I saw wearing one fall under one of these categories for wearing putting a hat on that day:

  1. The mom under the hat was lucky enough to take a shower that morning but not so lucky enough to dry her hair fully
  2. The mom under the hat wasn’t lucky enough to take a shower that morning
  3. The mom under the hat wasn’t able to get any makeup on that morning
  4. The mom under the hat is trying to hide her dark circles from being so tired
  5. The mom under the hat just wanted to wear one. Lucky you. 😉

I have definitely qualified in all of these at some point. Usually I am 1, 3, and 4 most of the time (which is why my pictures for this post, I am 100% makeup free). It made me start to think on my ride home about me and the other moms running errands, wearing a hat to feel somewhat together while the kids are all dressed with their hair freshly brushed.

My kids are always my number one priority. The boys are usually dressed better than me most days. Once I have them dressed and put together and then remember I have to get ready I’m usually exhausted by this point- that yes, I throw on a pair of my favorite leggings comfy top and hat. Which makes me more than qualified to write this post.

They are my full time job so I want to do my job well or the best I can that day. My mornings usually start out with my toddler running into my room letting me know that brother is awake in his room ( which I already knew from the monitor by my bed). He is always looking out for brother. I get them downstairs, get Jaxton his bottle ready while prepping Brody’s breakfast. I make some coffee ( a staple in our home ) and set Jaxton up with his bottle and Brody, his breakfast. I am usually unloading and reloading the dishwasher while they eat…oh and drinking my coffee…and trying to watch the Today Show. Once we are done and I clean up, Brody has to watch Paw Patrol. While he does, Jaxton and I are able to play together and he chases me as I try and finish sweeping up the floor and wiping down the table. We go upstairs and get ready for the day (while throwing in a load of laundry or finishing putting bills together for my husbands business to send out when we leave). Some days I am able to get a shower in the morning but usually I do it at night now once the boys go down for the evening. I get the boys fully dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed and we are out the door!! NOT!! Because I am still in my pjs and realize I can’t go to the store unless I change. I change my clothes, brush my hair which I realize needs to be put up and then I wash my face and put moisturizer on ( this is the one step I try to always do- well that and brush my teeth 😉 ). By this point the boys patience has worn down and I realize I don’t even have time to put any makeup on. THIS IS WHERE THE HAT COMES IN :). I always have one in my car and know I can put it on once I get the boys buckled in. Once I’m in I grab my hat and put it on- hair in pony tail or braid and sometimes- I’ll even put on the concealer I keep in my car as backup for those really long nights with one of the boys I need to keep hidden on my face. Once the hat goes on it gives me a sense of relief- and it helps that my husband says how he likes how I look in a hat 🙂 Thank goodness he does or we would have a major problem!! MAJOR.

The sense of relief I get makes me feel like I am somewhat pulling off this whole mom thing. Even though under the hat it may be a different story for another mom.

The mom under the hat may be hiding the long night she had with the baby but needed to get diapers which required her to pack up all the kids to make a trip to get more. The mom under the hat may be going through her first time as a mom, smiling ear to ear feeling the happiness her heart has for her child. The mom under the hat may be battling PPD or PPA and hopes the circles under her eyes are hidden because she can’t sleep and is struggling. The mom under the hat may have just needed to get the out of the house and drive the kids to fall asleep for their first nap and drives back home in hopes for her to possibly lay down while they sleep. The mom under the hat can’t stop getting upset with herself because she is overwhelmed but is still pushing through in hopes that it will soon get better. The mom under the hat may be out with her kids in the morning because the next half of the day she has to work but wants to spend time with them while getting some errands done. Hey mom under the hat… I TIP MY HAT OFF TO YOU! I’ve been there, I have felt everything- Some days are so hard and then the next day will be so easy and you wonder why you were such a wreck the day before.

Mom life isn’t easy by any means. We do what we have to do for our children. We try and keep them cleanly dressed and happy while we put our needs on the back end. It’s “mom nature” to do that. I find myself calling my mom all the time for encouragement- asking is this normal? Yes. Your crazy life is normal! I came across an article of a mom who felt all types of PPD and kept it to herself and ended up taking her life when no one saw it coming. I wish there was some type of way a mother could communicate with someone about her emotions if that is what she is feeling without having to worry who she is telling it to. Don’t be afraid to confide in someone if you are feeling down. A friend, a mother, a sister, or even a stranger may be able to help you and may even save your life. That is why I want to encourage you- PUT ON THAT MOM HAT-YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK PERFECTLY PUT TOGETHER. Go outside- Go run errands- do what you need to do- let your hat be your security if thats what you need to encourage you to walk outside and breathe that fresh air. Go do something today that requires you to get out of the house- or even push your baby around the block in the stroller. You are given this life here on earth for a reason. You gave birth to a life who is depending on you… TACKLE YOUR MOM LIFE IN A HAT. No judgement. Because guess what? Your not the only mom out there wearing one.

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