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Tree Farm Shoot

I have been wanting to get some new photos of me up on the site for quite awhile, but haven’t had the time especially with the boys being sick for the last three weeks. My mom surprised me this weekend with a visit ( one of the best surprises I could have asked for) and she volunteered to help. We ended up shooting at our Crepe Myrtle Farm. The colors of the blooms are so beautiful right now. Pink, purple and white blooms- Oh My!  I would love to have a vintage table in the middle of the trees and host a intimate dinner party with some homemade lavender lemonade in each glass (yep that’s how I roll). I had dressed up for a meeting earlier in the day and when the sun started to slowly go down for the night – we took off – along with Brody; my oldest, while my husband monitored baby brother who was asleep! I’m still trying to decide on which to use, but wanted to share these photos with my viewers and have you take in the beautiful trees and blooms one more time before this season is over. Fall will be here before we know it in which the leaves will turn and another shoot will have to take place to capture the beauty of fall… maybe with some Lawson boys next time 😉

Brody was so well behaved and patient while the photos were taken but we naturally had to play tag and check out some of the blooms together. My mom was even able to get a quick shot of him going in to give me a big kiss which are rare these days, but when I get them they are treasured. Just like the photo will be. Every moment especially ones like this with my him are such a treasure. I posted a verse in dedication to the picture.

Check it out below!

 “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Luke 12:34

mommy and brody time

Love all the rows full of blooms!

Half way through he wanted to be play tag and look at the flowers…so we did.


white blooms

pink blooms

caught in a hair flip

twirling was a must in this skirt


close up

attempting to get a different angle

img_8560the end.

 Hope you enjoyed these pictures! Im seeing a brother shoot with my two boys next for the fall !

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