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Fall Flower Maple Sugar Cubes


Enjoy a hint of maple sugar in your coffee, tea, or hot cider for fall. I am not one to put sugar in my coffee or tea but this cube definitely qualified for an exception. Something about the transition to fall makes me think of leaves, flowers and fall flavors ( maple being one of them! ) I found a flower and leaf mold and thought what if I make sugar cubes with them! With my resume in nutrition, maple sugar is actually more beneficial for you than regular white sugar. Maple sugar is all natural, unbleached, and provides minerals and vitamins. The maple sugar I used came from Coombs Family Farms Organic Maple Sugar. According to their website “Maple sugar is a 100 percent natural alternative sweetener long prized for it’s unique, rich flavor. Try our maple sugar in baking, as a main ingredient in rubs and marinades, in coffee or tea, or sprinkled on fresh fruit. Savor the maple! ”

IMG_8372 (1).jpg

When I have people over to the house I want to offer them something that makes a “thats marla” moment. This is just an example of one. I wanted to go to the extent to have my sugar in a cute shape; to not only catch my guest off guard, but to really make them feel special. Who wouldn’t feel special is someone offered you a flowered sugar cube?! And maple sugar! I mean seriously?? We would be Pinterest instantly trying to figure out how to do it. Which is why I would like to mention how easy it is to create! All you need is water and sugar of your choice! According to my research you can add food coloring to the sugar if you would like some color to you cube, I’m not really into the food coloring thing (only if it is colored by a natural food color) but if you are go for it! This is how I created mine.

Sugar Cube Recipe:

1/3 cup of Organic Maple Sugar

1 Teaspoon of Water

Sugar Cube Directions:

Add ingredients into a bowl. You want it to resemble “wet sand” as in moldable when you grab in hand.

IMG_8380 (1).jpg

Place in molds of your choice. Scrape the overflow off of mold.

IMG_8381 (1).jpg

I plan on creating these according to seasons so be prepared to start seeing a seasonal post of these! I seriously can’t wait to create snow flake sugar cubes for Christmas! Yep. I said it. According to my research you can heat it in microwave for 5-10 seconds to spend up the drying of the sugar process. I allowed mine to harden at room temperature for at least 2-3 hours. Since my mold was silicone it was easy to flex the molds which popped out easily. Store your sugar cubes in a air tight container on coffee bar or place on a pretty plate to offer to guest. Guarantee you it will be noticed.

FullSizeRender (1)


Thats Marla Tip: Feel the back of sugar in the mold before taking out. Make sure it is solid before removing.


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