Peach & Basil Moscow Mules


Yes, I have to admit no one at the dinner I held had ever had a Moscow Mule. I’m a little embarrassed by admitting it but at the same time, I have been pregnant for the past two years ( basically). These were so refreshing and everyone was raving about them. Next time I will definitely need to have a much larger batch to serve. Since I was making fried peach pies for dessert and had a few left over, I decided to use them for the Moscow Mule. Anything with peach can never fail… Or basil for that matter. As I was going to get some dill for my smoked salmon dill dip, I spotted the basil and thought, I wonder if I could muddle basil in with the peaches to make the drink. WOW! One of the best most refreshing drinks I have had in awhile. Perfect for the hot weather right now. I pulled out my Moscow Mule mugs and gave it a go. Yes, I have had the mugs even though I have never made one before. They were a Christmas present that I had kept hoping I would pull them out one day to use. If you know ahead of time you are going to make these, pour 8 ounces of vodka into a jar along with some peach slices and let infuse overnight much better than the fake peach vodka but if short on time make sure to have some. I only let mine infuse for a few hours but would have been better overnight. If making large batch may need to double the amount.

*You can also make this a Moscow Mule Virgin Drink using Ginger Ale in place of the hard ale and not adding vodka.

Peach and Basil Moscow Mules

8 ounces of peach vodka

24 ounces of ginger beer ( we used Henry’s Hard Soda Ginger Ale)

8-10 basil leaves, muddled in pitcher

2 Tablespoons Sugar & Peach Mixture

*Sugar & Peach Mixture- peel and chop 1-2 peaches, add 1/2 cup of sugar, a pinch of cinnamon. Cover and allow them to sit in fridge to create a sweet syrup mixture. Allow at least two hours.


Muddle basil in with sugar and peach mixture. 

Add all together in pitcher and stir. Strain out basil leaves and peaches. Add crush ice to mugs and pour drink. Add  basil leaf in mug and peach slice on side for guest to know what they are drinking and of course to make it look pretty…pretty good. Cheers!

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