Time to eat

Dill Potatoes

I found these super small baby potatoes at the Fresh Market last week. We go to the Fresh Market every Tuesday to get the deals on chicken and meat. I saw these potatoes and thought I could make these the way I usually make our fingerling potatoes. If you like the flavor of dill you will love these! For something so simple for a side they are amazing at our house. I like to make my potatoes a little more salty than usual to get a salty dill potato flavor. Trust me, its sooooo gooood! If you ever need a easy potato side dish but want to bump it up a notch-resort to this recipe. Even my oldest, Brody loves them ( I make him a separate batch with no salt). I always include dill in my herb garden , its so good to use with potatoes or on a cold cucumber salad. I would put dill on everything if I could. Maybe I will try and make a dill dipping oil next time to go with the meal. I could keep talking about dill, but its probably from all the coffee I just drank, so instead I’ll give you the recipe and leave it at that!

Dill Potato Recipe:

Small mini potatoes or fingerling potatoes- 1 lb bag

Dill- 3 Long stems, chop off stem ( I would say around 1 Tablespoon)

Butter- 1 Tablespoon (unsalted)

Salt- 1/2 teaspoon


On Medium High -Boil potatoes on stove for 25 minutes or until tender. You want enough water to be higher than the potatoes. ( Test by sticking fork in potato, you want the fork to be able to go through smoothly. Or even taste it and see if it needs a little longer)

Drain once done. Put them in bowl to serve them, add butter, salt and chopped dill into bowl and stir. I used herb scissors to cut the dill off the stems but you can also just chop with knife.

I put a top on the bowl for the potatoes to finish steaming from being hot with the butter, dill and salt to really infuse the flavors together.

Serve and Enjoy!


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