Time to eat

Drink Station & Bread Plate

When we have people over for dinner I always try to have some type of spread ready for them when they walk through the door. In this case I had my famous blueberry mint lemonade, homemade sweet tea and fresh filtered water infused with strawberries and lemon slices. Since they were bringing their kids over too, instead of doing a cheese plate I made a simple bread plate. I used Italian herbs and fresh rosemary from my garden along with some pink Himalayan salt and olive oil for the dip. The two different breads were fresh rosemary bread and a three cheese bread I found at Fresh Market. Fresh Market always has a good variety of breads, so it is my usual go to when I need to grab some fresh breads last minute. I think a bread plate is more kid friendly than a cheese plate due to the kids not really interested in all the different cheeses on a cheese plate.  I always have mason jars in storage from events in which I used them on nights like this to add a little extra country home touch to a family meal (and some cute paper straws add just the perfect finishing touch). To me this is what makes the definition of my website shine through. I like to do things like this to show my guests that they are special and make them feel loved. I wanted to share this layout and bread plate with you to give you some inspiration for your next gathering. Entertaining is something I love to do. From preparing the house and table, to cooking the food, to seeking out some fresh flowers to make an arrangement- I’m all for it! I wanted to share a photo of how I display it above and also included a little glimpse of my kitchen where all the food action takes place!

Dipping Oil Recipe is below!
Bread Dipping Oil Recipe:

Rosemary-3 small stems

Italian Seasonings– 1/2 tablespoon

Salt- just a pinch, any salt is fine- I use the Pink Himalayan pink salt due to nutritional benefits ( wow I think that may be a potential blog post 🙂 )

Olive Oil- 1/4 cup

*I doubled my recipe in the pictures below.

Dipping Oil Directions:

Add herbs, rosemary and salt in plate.


Add Olive Oil and stir together-I allow mine to sit at least for 10 minutes to infuse before serving.


Add more oil if it is too strong. You can adjust flavor to your liking! ( Remember tasting everything you make is a staple and something I strongly encourage even if its just a bread dip!) Remove Rosemary stems its okay to still leave some rosemary broken off stems in oil. Surround with a variety of breads and serve!


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