SKIN & the bachelorette

Something about me you may not know yet, but people that are close to me know is that I have a lot of knowledge about skin care. New Beauty is a usual website I am visiting on a daily basis to learn the new skin care lines and things you can do to take care of your skin. Its almost like nutrition in a sense for me because it is another way to take care of yourself. Your skin is your largest organ and its important to take care of it- in conjunction with eating healthy. Eating healthy benefits your skin and complexion as well as your overall health. Many friends and family members contact me regulary and ask what is the best mask for dry skin or what is something I can do for dark circles around my eyes… I get questions on a weekly basis. So here are some things I wanted to share with you that I do for my skin care routine.

Every Monday night when the bachelorette comes on… Hey JOJO! I know its time for me to do my masks. I get the boys all ready for bed and then start the bachelorette while wearing my masks and sometimes even whitening my teeth all at the same time. My husband took a snap shot last week of me in bed with the boys while watching the show and doing my beauty routines while at the same time feeding Jaxton his bottle. Face mask, teeth whitening and bottle feeding… #momlife for sure. But this is what helps me feel sane. (well maybe a little)


The first mask I do is the clay detoxifying mask. Brody thinks its funny when I put it on because when it hardens he runs his hands over my face and can’t believe what it is. I used this one a lot when I was pregnant. It is organic and all natural so there are no bad ingredients! This is the kit I used to help with hormonal breakouts during pregnancy. I love how my skin feels when I wash it off!  I wear mine for about 20 minutes, and then follow up with the Thirstymud hydrating mask that goes on clear. I actually sleep in the hydrating one and in the morning my skin is soft and hydrated! It seems to calm my skin after the detox mask. This one smells so good too, it makes me feel like I’m at the beach with the coconut smell it gives off! I am wearing it in this picture my husband took of us. He was joking with me about everything I was doing and then I realized I should share the photo! Many of you out there can relate! This is one of the things I do to make myself feel good. Even though I am wearing a mask while giving the boys a bath and doing other things, I know I’m at least doing one other thing to take care of myself. Its the little things we do for ourselves to make us feel refreshed and cared for. I want to challenge you to do something like this for yourself! Pick a show at night to remind you to put that mask on or something along those lines so you can do something for your skin.

Something I have always tried to do now that I am wiser about my skin is to always wash and put face moisturizer on first thing when I wake up, especially if you are going outside an SPF moisturizer is a must if your skin is a priority to you. Something all us moms have the biggest issue with I think is the dark circles under our eyes. Hey- some days I wear these circles with pride but I am always trying to put on a eye cream before bed and when I wake up. So even though covering them up isnt an every day thing I at least do this to prevent dark circles and aging around my eyes. Thank you to whoever makes any eye cream! Us moms or even hardworking single ladies are grateful! If we have an event or if I had a really rough night with no sleep and just need a pick me up I’ll use these sake brightening eye masks. They work really well for me. They instantly hydrate and brighten under my eyes so I don’t look so zombish. haha. And yes, I will wear these around the house while doing tasks in the morning or before getting ready for an event. It has become one of the things we joke about in our house- If I go upstairs and I’m headed back down I say “I’m wearing a mask or I’m wearing eye strips, don’t freak out”!  Luke and the boys have seen me in quite the form. These are things I am really into doing to make me feel good. I do it at home so I don’t have to find help to go to a spa, even though a spa every now and then I’m up for, but this way I can still be home with my boys while doing a skincare routine for myself is a huge benefit. What are some of your favorite masks or skincare routines?

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