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Tomato Pie with Cheddar Cracker Crust

Something I remember my mom making every summer with my dad’s tomatoes from his garden was tomato pie. There was something about the fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden mixed with cheeses and green onion that would make my mouth start to water. The pie was usually gone at dinner with no leftovers for anyone to sneak later. If you love tomatoes this is definitely something you need to give a try. I made my crust differently this time, which everyone ended up giving it a thumbs up. Most tomato pies use regular pie crust but in this one I crushed cheese crackers with butter and one egg and it came out great. Something about the crackers with the cheese in it really made it. I cooked this last night and with friends over who had never had a tomato pie before so the pressure was on, but they also said it was great! Sometimes I have had this and it is very watery, so I made sure to seed the tomatoes and placed them on paper towels with salt for a good 20- 30 minutes. It seemed to help. So here goes! I hope you enjoy this recipe! I just wish my tomatoes were from my father’s garden, but these will have to do 🙂

Tomato Pie Cheddar Cracker Crust:

Cheddar Cheese Crackers- 3 1/2 cups, crushed or put in food processor to crush

Butter- 4 tablespoons, melted

Egg- 1

Break down crackers in food processor. Add butter while blending. Whisk egg and add in while blending. Done!

Put into pie dish. Press against dish until dish is covered well.

Pie Filling:

Tomatoes- 4 Large , I found a yellow and orange tomato at the market and bought 1 of each to top my pie off to make pretty in additional to the 4 large tomatoes 

Basil- 12 leaves

Green onion- 4, Chopped

Mayonnaise-1 cup, I use just Mayo 

Sharp Cheddar Cheese- 1 cup, shredded

Mozzarella- 1 cup, shredded

Pepper, to taste

VERY IMPORTANT- Slice and Seed the tomatoes, place them on paper towels and sprinkle salt on them, let them sit for 20-30 minutes.

Assemble Pie:

Take tomatoes and pat them with paper towel. Start to assemble in pie along with Basil. I place the leaves under the tomato, Like this:

Then sprinkle green onions.

Repeat for a second layer.

Mix the Mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and mozzarella together. Place on top of second layer. I sprinkled pepper on top.

Bake in oven for 30 minutes on 350.

Thatsmarla: Place yellow and orange or red slices on top. Cook for another 15 minutes. 

Place a fresh basil leaf in middle. Beautiful!

 I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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