Since I have been home from this past weekend, I have still tried to get some momercise in! Brody was being super attached one day while Jaxton was asleep so I put him in my Tula baby carrier and went outside. This carrier holds up to 45 lbs and it was perfect for me to do my squats with him! Hey- whatever works! An extra 27 lbs may do me some good with my squats. I did 2 sets of 20. It was literally first thing in the morning so I’m all makeup and coffee free 😂 . Do you moms use your carriers to workout?

Where was I this past weekend you ask? I was running in the Peachtree road race in Atlanta, GA! The race is 6.2 miles and I did not train. It was kind-of a last minute decision to go. My sister lives in Atlanta and my mom, aunt and cousin were joining her for the weekend and the race. After finally convincing myself and Luke encouraging me to go, I went. It was the first time I had ever left the boys overnight in two years. It was a great weekend. Being able to socialize and have time with the girls really opened up my eyes that taking this time away was good for me and the boys. I will have to admit as I’m sitting here I am still sore. Next time I will definitely train before hand. But I did it and it felt great to cross that finish line!

I know as a mom we couldn’t imagine leaving our kids overnight (especially two kids) but sometimes it’s for the best. It’s good to take some time for you. It doesn’t even have to be overnight, it could be someting as simple as going to a coffee house alone and reading or a spa hour for yourself. Sometimes if we have family over, I’ll go on a walk by myself just to take a break. These breaks do us and our kids good believe it or not. I feel refreshed after a break, I can tell a difference with myself…(and my patience 😉). I know it’s hard. Trust me I had people telling me “TAKE A HOUR FOR YOURSELF” and thought they were crazy. I can’t leave my babies. This is my job. But as a stay at home mom, our job doesn’t ever stop-even on vacation we are still working! So I encourage you to take some time for yourself. Whether the kids are inside being watched and you go on a walk around the house or you can leave to go do something. We all need that peace of mind every now and then. I feel like we should come up with a term or perhaps a hashtag for a mom break… #MB maybe? That way we can applaude each other for doing it because it’s a big deal to be a mom and to take a break!

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