Time to eat

Mini Apple Pies 

For the first time in two years, I left the boys overnight to travel to Atlanta to run the Peachtree race with some family. While I was gone, some of our close friends brought Luke and the boys dinner and helped out. To return the favor I baked these mini apple pies and was able to use my cookie imprinter to leave them a “thank you” message! This imprinter is being put to quite a bit of use lately (pie cookie post)! I used my mom’s recipe for the mini pies… but she doesn’t really measure (probably why they are soooo good), and its a habit I happen to do in my cooking as well, like mother like daughter :)-so as I made it today I recorded the measurements. She keeps hers really simple which is why it’s probably so good! Every time we are home and see apples in the fruit bowl we start to hint to her to make her apple pie. Cold vanilla ice cream on top of a hot slice of pie is AAAMazing!!! And sipping on a good cup of coffee is always the cherry on top! This makes me want to order one of her pies asap 🙂 love you mom! 

Okay… Now back to the pies! 

Filling Ingredients:

Granny Smith Apples-6, peeled and sliced thin

Sugar- 1 cup

Flour-1/4 cup

Cinnamon- 1 teaspoon (according to preference) 

Butter- 2 tablespoons 

Pie crust: 

If you have a good recipe use it! I always think about my grandmother when it comes to pie crusts. Hers is the best! She always says “today is a good day to make a pie”…something about the weather helps for a good pie crust. Haha. I’ll never forget those words. 

I used : Trader Joe’s pie crust (I didn’t have time to make my own and that’s okay sometimes!)


Preheat oven on 350.

Pie crust:

First, follow direction if you bought yours to properly thaw it. Then-

 Take your pie dish or mini pie dishes (these are similar to mine) and place the dough inside. 

Tip: Measure by putting the dish upside down on top of dough and with a knife outline the circle, that should help to know how much dough you need for the dish. 

Once dough is inside dish push with fingers to mold inside the dish. 

Mix apples, sugar, flour and cinnamon together in a bowl. Take butter and cut into slices and break apart with fingers into mix. Stir well till mixed. 

Place the filling ingredients into the dish. 

If you are using a imprinter like I did- I let mine cook without the topping for 30 minutes, and then place the message on top and baked it for another 20 minutes.

Tip: if you want the topping shiny use an egg wash( find mine in this post

Once it starts to brown on top, take the pies out and allow to cool. 

Top with vanilla ice cream and maybe make yourself that cup of coffee to go along with your slice!


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