Time to eat

Fresh Strawberry Sauce 

Good Morning! This morning I decided to make one of Brody’s favorite breakfast drinks…strawberry milk. I knew eventually I would want to introduce strawberry milk to Brody (how could I not, it’s so good!). BUT- I also knew I didn’t want it to be store bought flavored strawberry milk. You never know what all those ingredients really are! 

After researching online, I made a super easy strawberry sauce I use to stir into the milk for Brody. It’s definitely one of his favorite things to drink and I don’t have to worry about what’s in it! Anything to make a mom’s brain less stressed is a winner in my book! Enjoy it on biscuits, plain yogurt, oatmeal and etc! I store mine in a jelly jar in the fridge. Try to use in about a week. Hope you and even your little ones enjoy! 


Strawberries, 12-14 (I wash our fruits with this fruit and veggie wash

Pure Maple Syrup- 4 teaspoons 


Use a blender and blend strawberries finely.

 Put blended strawberries in small pot on stove. Add maple syrup and bring to simmer for 8 minutes. 

Take off heat and let cool for 10 minutes, put into jar and store in refrigerator. 

If you prefer without seeds, strain with a fine mesh straining bag/strainer. 

*In his sippy cup I pour in his milk and stir the sauce in, around 5 small spoon fulls. 

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