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Sparkling Lemonade Popsicles

It is getting so hot outside lately. I really wanted to make something cold and refreshing for our family to enjoy and with friends coming over for dinner, I decided to make the beautiful mother to be and friend of mine a special “mocktail” with these Popsicle. I put sparkling lemonade (or regular is fine too) in a glass and added the Popsicle in it to serve. She loved it… and said it was good too!  We enjoyed ours alone which I have to say, they were really good and looked pretty ( yes, even a popsicle can be pretty!)! Whether you are looking for a good Popsicle recipe or just want to go that extra mile with a drink this may be your go to for a summer gathering. Next time I may even add some mint, yum! You could also make this into ice cubes and serve it in a lemonade glass and when they melt add flavor to the drink!! But I think the Popsicle is perfect for the summer and people don’t expect it in a drink which shows them you went the extra mile and created a thatsmarla moment !


1 bottle of Pink French Lemonade (I didn’t use it all)

1 bottle of Raspberry Lemonade ( I didn’t use it all)

3-4 Strawberries, sliced

1 Lemon, thinly sliced


Soak wooden popsicle sticks in warm water for 30 minutes before.


Distribute strawberries and lemons in Popsicle molds.


Pour sparkling lemonade half way through mold be careful it will fizz over it you do too much, fill the rest of the way by topping it off with the raspberry lemonade.
Freeze overnight or at least 4-5 hours.

Run warm water on top to help Popsicle  break free from mold. Remove top. Hello beauties


Serve in drink or a big glass bowl full of ice at a gathering 🙂

Enjoy! Hashtag #thatsmarla if you make this for your friends or family!

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