FullSizeRender 2 (1).jpgWorkout Attire: Nike (Thanks Sister)

This Friday I decided to make it Fitness Friday aka Momercise !!! Since the 4th of July weekend was coming up I tried extra hard this week to get my workouts in! How many of you out there can relate to how difficult it is just to sacrifice 20 minutes to workout while at home watching your kids?! I try to do the 30 day Shred by Jillian Michaels, it is a workout that only takes 20 minutes and that’s about all I can give up. I can just hear her on days I can’t manage to do it…”YOU CANT GET THESE ABS FOR FREE” . haha.

Throughout my day I am constantly pushing one of the boys in the stroller down the driveway. Once you hit the gravel road it becomes a nap machine. So every morning and afternoon I am pushing at least one of the boys to get them to fall asleep for me. I enjoy it because it makes me get out of the house in the morning and afternoon, breathe in some fresh air and that’s when I start doing lunges before I hit the gravel on our paved drive. I set goals for myself, so on those days where I don’t have time for workouts I at least get my momercise in. I usually do about 40 regular lunges, 25 curtsy lunges, and if I’m really lucky I do kettle bell squats and planks. OH! Lets not forget about that walk too! Once I get going I’m feeling pretty good…and so is baby 😉 . I want to encourage you moms to get out there-push the stroller and mix it up! Do some stroller lunges! We have to fit in the little things like that for us, or we would hardly ever do anything for ourselves.

I love walking in the mornings while pushing them. Its a peaceful quite moment, while baby is napping from the shaking of the gravel road, I take that moment to gather my thoughts. And this is usually the moment I pray for the people in my life and for all the children I know. When pushing Brody or Jaxton, it makes me really thankful to be able to be the one pushing them (and thankful for whoever invented the stroller). It also makes me think of all their friends and children in the world. I try to pray for their lives daily as well. I remember right after having the boys I felt so trapped inside. Once I was able to motivate myself to get out and start pushing the stroller I would start feeling better, a little closer to my old self. So to all you moms out there momercising… we are all right there with you doing the same! Like I’ve said, we are in this together!

One thought on “Momercise

  1. I love this!! I am definitely going to have to show my friend this. She has been struggling with feeling trapped in the house. What a perfect solution!

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