Suja Juice


Yesterday was a challenge. A mom challenge. Both of my boys were testing me throughout the day and I finally put them in the car to drive them around since they were refusing to take a nap. While both boys were asleep in the car (FINALLY!), I started to think about the past week and how I haven’t really been eating as healthy as I should be. I ended up driving to the front of a local juice store thinking one green juice will make me feel better. After drinking it, I decided it was time for a Juice Cleanse. Yes. You heard me juice, all day, no food. Sounds crazy, but this is something I have been doing for the past 5 years. When I first started out after college as a pharmaceutical representative, I was traveling ALOT. Which meant I was eating out ALL. THE. TIME. Whole Foods was close to one of my hotels I stayed at monthly and noticed Suja Juice available in the store. Once I went to their website I was hooked. A juice full of nutrients and something to reset my body from all those times of eating out! Count me in! I began to do the juice cleanse during my work week and throughout the year.

When I got engaged, ordering online was nice because it was very convenient and really helped me start my 3 day cleanse to begin my journey that year of eating healthy. Juicing is a great way to start a lifestyle change or if you just want to give your body a break from food. A break from food!? I know you think I am crazy, but it actually does your body good to have a break!! You can do a 1 day, 3 day, or 5 day cleanse. When I first started, I was starving by dinner and it was weird that I had not chewed anything all day. I had salad with no dressing or cheese to help me out at night. You can also eat veggies if needed when getting started. Start with just one day and then work your way up. Right now I can do a 3 day juicing straight with no food. Suja uses a process called cold press for their juices in order to still maintain nutrients. That is what really sold me. A lot of juices out there you think you are drinking are good for you when really- they are LOADED in sugar and heated up ( which kills nutrients) in order to have a longer shelf life. Traveling for work I would use a cooler with my juices to keep them fresh and drink them throughout the day. Now since I am home, its actually quite convenient because come on who REALLY has time to sit and eat an entire meal with two kids under 2?! A juice and I’m good to go! During juicing I would refrain from any hard workout. I still walk/ light jog during the day and do some small exercises but refrain from any lifting or hard workout routines.

Once I am done juicing I really do have more energy and feel healthy. It is crazy because you would think you would be tired, which you do feel the first day or so, but all the sudden I noticed how my body changed. After the juicing, I am more encouraged to eat better and make healthier decisions. You can’t let all that hard work go to waste! What do you think about juicing? Is it something you would be willing to try?

Here is the link to check out Suja Juice or Click on Suja picture for link!

Suja Juice

I’d love to hear if you are going to try a juice or cleanse! I am going to start a 3 day one next week ( after 4th of July) lol. My body will need a break after this weekend! Tag if you do! #thatsmarlasuja


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