Time to eat

Pie Cookies


I am always trying to think of ways to make thatsmarla moments and with a new family coming over for dinner the other night I came up with this idea. Pie cookies are always something I make every Valentines Day, but this time I imprinted a Welcome with each name of the person that was attending our dinner. It really made the guest feel special and the more I thought about it, you could even use the cookies as a place card for seating! How pretty/ yummy is that! I used pie crust ( you can make or buy) and strawberry preserve from the local farmers market. You can choose any preserve that is your favorite. I have been told it tastes like an adult Pop Tart… YUM.  You can add fresh fruit to the preserve if desired. I hope you enjoy these! The imprint definitely makes a thatsmarla touch. Your guests will notice you went the extra mile to make them feel special; especially with new friends what a great way to make them feel welcome! Here is the link for something similar to what I used for the cutter and personalized name: https://www.amazon.com/Cookie-Imprinter-Customizable-Alphabet-Personalized/dp/B00QTGZHE8 .

Make the names of the people coming with the Cookie Imprinter


Cut out and Imprint on the Pie Crust ( front of cookie)


Cut out shape without Imprint (back of cookie)


Spread the flavor preserve you choose on the cutout without imprint


Put the tops (the cutout with imprint) on top of preserve, take a fork and push down on edges to create a seal on top and bottom of cookie


*To create a shine on the cookie, I brushed the top with an egg wash: 1 egg , 1 tsp milk. Mix and brush on tops, make sure you do it thinly, I did mine to thick on one which make the words not show up as well. ( Always learning as I go)

Bake on 350 for 8-10 minutes.




*If you recreate these hashtag #thatsmarla and #piecookies so I can see your recreation!


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