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Tuna Nachos


This is something my family makes every summer on our beach vacations. We came up with the recipe after my Dad described the best tuna nachos he had on a trip in Florida. So every year we get fresh tuna from a local store and make these. This meal is simple to make and they are a favorite of everyones. The fact that we fry the wonton wrappers to make the chips really makes it so good!

Tuna Nachos Ingredients: 

Canola Oil- 1 Small bottle (16 or 48 oz depending on pan size)- Once cooled you can save the oil for another chip making time!

Olive Oil- 2 tablespoons

Wonton Wrappers- 1/2 pack ( around 16 chips)

Tuna- 2 fillets

Mayonnaise- 1/2 cup

Sriracha- 4 teaspoons ( 2 teaspoons if you don’t want a lot of heat)

White and Black sesame seeds- 1 tablespoon each

Wasabi- Half a tube (around 3 tablespoons)

Red Onion- Half, chopped finely

Green Onion- 3, Chopped use white and green


Chop both onions and set aside.


Mix the mayo and the Sriracha together in a bowl. TASTE it! You want just enough heat. Add more mayo and Sriracha until you taste what you like. Spoon it out and put in a zip lock bag. Place back in refrigerator. *My mom does not do spicy so we always make a second thing of sauce with less Sriracha so she will be able to have her own 🙂


Heat the Canola oil in pan. You want the oil hot around medium to high heat. Put wonton wrappers in pan ( it should start to bubble around wrappers if oil is hot) flip them after about 30 sec-40 sec for the other side and then place them on a plate with a paper towel on it. Do this until all are cook. It took me awhile to learn the best method and each stove is different, you want the chips to be golden brown in color not dark brown.

Prep Tuna- Squeeze wasabi on fillets, rub into the fish on both sides and edges. Sprinkle sesame seeds over wasabi.

Cook Tuna- Get pan hot with olive oil. Medium heat. You want the tuna to instantly start to cook once placed in pan. If you put tuna in pan, and you can’t hear or see if starting to cook- you need the oil hotter. Cook tuna on both sides for 3-4 minutes. Then with tongs hold the tuna and sear ( cook ) the edges for 1 minute on the sides. Once tuna is cooked and starting to look a tad brown put on a plate and set aside. Do the same to the other fillet. Once done, chop the tuna into bite size pieces to spread on nachos.

*Note about cooking Tuna- I t can be as raw as you want or as cooked as you want. We prefer ours with a cold center. Cook it to whatever you prefer. If you take tuna off, cut and see if it is too pink for your liking, cook longer.

Making the Nachos- Put chips on plate, then place the tuna on the nachos, sprinkle onions on top. Get the zip lock back of sauce and cut the corner at bottom of bag- now you can squeeze the sauce “pretty” on top of the nachos. FullSizeRender

Marla Tip: You can sprinkle more sesame seeds on top once made for presentation, along with some chopped jalapeños for more spice. 

ENJOY! Hope this makes a great dish for a summer dinner!

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