Time to eat

Oreo Cream Dessert


This is one of Luke’s all time favorite desserts. He seriously loves his Oreos -so YES THIS IS A MUST FOR FATHER’S DAY!! Thanks again to my mother-in-law, I can create it anytime I need to! This dessert is so good and I have made it for many occasions and events-And since it is an ice cream dessert, it makes it even more perfect for the summer! It is a for sure winner for any time you need an easy really good dessert! You do have to freeze it after putting it together so you will need to make time for at least 3 hour freeze or freeze overnight. Click on my Blooms page to get the Father’s Day print out info!

Oreo Cream Dessert by Momma Lawson


Oreos-28 ( one package basically)

Butter-1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons, melted)

Coffee Ice Cream- 1/2 gallon ( slightly soften to spread)

Sugar- 1 cup

Evaporated Milk- 5oz

Semisweet Chocolate- 4 ounces

Butter- 6 Tablespoon

Vanilla- 1 teaspoon

Cool Whip- 1 large container

Pecans- 1 cup ( Optional)


Combine crushed Oreos and melted butter together and blend. I use my food processor for this to make it super easy and quick. Press on bottom of dish, we use a 9×13 inch size.


Spread coffee ice cream on top of crushed Oreos. If it is still hard to spread, a trick I use is to get a large metal spoon and run hot water over it -it will help spread the ice cream. Place in freezer while doing the next step.


Combine in sauce pan:  Melt the 6 Tablespoons of butter first, then add milk, sugar, vanilla, and chocolate. Cook stirring until smooth and thick. Remove from heat and cool.

When cooled spread chocolate mixture over ice cream layer.


Then spread the cool whip on top of the chocolate layer and top with pecans.


Freeze for at least 3 hours ( overnight is best) and Enjoy!

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