Pineapple Vase

IMG_2414Items in photo: Pineapple, large white lily, orange roses and yellow mums.



I created several of this floral arrangement for a close friend’s Hawaii themed party. We couldn’t find any exotic flowers available so I improvised with the flowers that were available at our local store. First, we bought pineapples and cut the tops off and took a spoon and started digging out the yummy insides ( I know a pineapple corer would have been the easiest but we didn’t have one on hand). I felt like I was digging out a pumpkin to prep for carving… but the pineapple was a lot more edible šŸ˜‰ . Once we were done with the inside of the pineapple, I took a pint size mason jar and placed it inside the pineapple, then placed my arrangement inside the jar with water. Here is a picture of one floral arrangement displayed at my friends home post-party:


That’s Marla Tip: I cut theĀ stamens beforeĀ pollenĀ can be produced on most of the lily’s, in the first two photos you can see that the pollen was produced in them but I still removed them so less mess would be made later on the flower petals. (It also seems to make the lily less fragrant)

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