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Lemon Butter Cream Pasta

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As I was thinking of what my first food post should be, I wanted to post one that is my go-to. Anytime we have new friends over for the first time, or you just want something that tastes impressive but easy to make this is it! I have emailed, family, friends and even strangers this recipe because its that good and easy. I could probably make this in my sleep due to how many times I have cooked it.

If you love pasta, lemon, garlic, and cream- you will love this!

As this being my first recipe post, I realized something about my cooking… I don’t really measure anything! I am more of a guess, taste and add more kind of cook. So with that said I am going to do my very best to give measurements. But I am a strong believer in trusting your taste buds. Always taste as you go when you cook. Especially before you serve! So many times I have added things last minute because the sauce need some acid (lemon) or a veggie needed some salt.(Don’t worry I always use a clean utensil every time I taste!)

You can cook this recipe very fast. I usually have all three things (pasta, shrimp and sauce) cooking at the same time. You will become quite the pro with this recipe after making it many times. Here it is! Enjoy!

That’s Marla Tip:  You can add a basil leaf and a lemon slice on top of each serving to really impress your guests with a fancy display on their plate.

Lemon Butter Cream Pasta– with shrimp
-long pasta noodles ( Fettuccine preferred) 
– 1 lb. of shrimp-cooked in skillet with olive oil and lemon juice (pepper and salt to taste) 
-2 lemons (juice)
– 2 garlic cloves 
-1/2 a chicken bullion cube
-small size of heavy cream
-like 3 tablespoons of butter 
-Parmesan cheese 
-Basil, 1 bunch of basil leaves chopped well (you don’t have to use basil if you don’t prefer    it, or if i don’t have any its okay! it will still be good)

-cook noodles- in salt water. set aside. ( follow package directions) 

-cook shrimp-( add olive oil to pan, I lightly salt and add some lemon juice to the shrimp and cook them. should only take about 4-5 minutes, flip them after 2 minutes). 

-add butter in pan and melt with garlic, add cream, chicken bullion cube, and lemon juice.Then add the basil let it start to boil together then turn on low and let all the flavors infuse for about 2-3 minutes. Once sauce is mixed together, pour on noodles and add shrimp. Toss together taste to see if it needs more lemon. Add Parmesan cheese- Done!

*You can choose chicken instead of shrimp if you want meat or can make it just a veggie dish and add spinach instead. You really can do whatever you want once you get the sauce made!

If you choose chicken: marinate chicken with lemon juice ( two lemons) , salt, cook on stove top or oven ( oven: 350 for 35 minutes covered). Chop and serve on top of pasta.

If you choose Spinach: sauté in a pan with olive oil and lemon juice of one lemon. Mix in with noodles and sauce.

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